CALI7 is established to bring teams and create successful business entry, competing and the best performance in Eastern and Northern European markets, as well as Russia and Ukraine.


Whether it is outsourcing, partnership, acquisition, privatization or just market expand. We at CALI7 believe in people and teams as the main treasure of successful companies. In situations when business comes to complicated decisions, we believe in success by bringing together talented individuals, entrepreneurs and leaders from various backgrounds, using this collective power of creativity and professionalism. Knowing the key information is a must for success. We enjoy working with strong, companies with great combination of interests, knowledge and commitment. We help them in decisions aligning with their goals and vision. CALI7 believes that successful business uses best knowledges, teams and individuals for most efficient ways achieving goals, growing, dealing with challenges, creating or completing the strategy.


How much better, faster or smarter could you do what you do? How much can you grow and expand? How brave and enthusiastic about your next year’s forecast and strategy can you become? CALI7 helps you reimagine your operations to unlock growth, lower costs and risks, unleash your strategy and potential.


Today’s markets are unforgiving. Investments can get highly risky and geographical market entry/exit could get a long costly process. Strategy preparation became critical for future success, without analyzing those steps profits and earnings could be easily missed. Competitors are unpredictable and fast in development markets, being prepared that they could simply undercut your prices is not enough. CALI7 strategy practice equips skills to enter, develop, become integrated in the market, grow earnings and outperform the competition, challenges and risks. Whether you need to reduce costs in operations; increase effectiveness; root out complexity; or build your ability to do all of the above—CALI7 can help.


eing an entrepreneur with 10+ years of CEO experience, buying and selling numerous start-ups, organizing social events, leading multibillion-dollar corporations within the oil industry, and worked with some of the largest retail networks globally. Top executive position of leading companies, that were part of Top 5 largest companies lists in those regions, created me an experience and networking in government and business environment that could be used for great challenges and complicated tasks.


I am a Global business strategist combining my education, experience, career accomplishments, corporate and personal investment knowledge, maximizing my entrepreneurial leadership skills. I create successful entry and competing strategies for strong teams and companies with clear goals and vision. I am Senior Executive extension for my clients.


I started to look for greatest purpose, clear mission and long-term vision. How can I create most additional value by doing what I do best? I believe only in Win-Win business relations and mutual success. This belief brought about the birth of my consulting company, CALI7.